Topic: Ageism
Speaker: Ken Lyon

Ken will talk to us about his background and his experiences with ageism.

Ken Lyon was born in Hollywood, California in 1921, a third- generation Californian. He has a long list of diverse interests such as early aviation, auto racing, painting, sailing, politics, jazz, nautical history, railroading and model-making. He has lived through the Roaring Twenties and The Great Depression. Ken’s restless personality resulted in sixteen different jobs, thirteen occupational skills, seven near-death experiences, service in the Navy in two wars, twice a corporate officer, and business owner.

Ken’s has also been involvement in five political campaigns, the first at age of 14, several jazz societies and sports car clubs, an alumnus of L.A. State and UCLA, as well as volunteering for Community Youth Services, Dispute Resolution Center and Centennial Amtrak station.

Another note of possible interest is that, at the age of six, he was involved in a bootlegging operation.

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