Camp Quest Campership Campaign

What is Camp Quest?

Camp Quest is a residential summer camp focused on fun, friends, and freethought for kids ages 8-17. Camp Quest provides a traditional sleepaway summer camp experience with a wide range of activities including sports, crafts, games, swimming, and campfires. In addition to our traditional summer camp activities, Camp Quest offers educational activities focused on critical thinking, ethics, scientific inquiry, philosophy, and comparative religion.

Camp Quest is open to all children and teenagers within the age range, but it is particularly geared towards building a community for children from atheist, agnostic, humanist and other freethinking families. Their goal is to provide a place where children can explore their developing worldviews, ask questions, and make friends in an environment that is supportive of critical thinking and skepticism.

The purpose of Camp Quest is to provide children of freethinking parents a residential summer camp dedicated to improving the human condition through rational inquiry, critical and creative thinking, scientific method, self-respect, ethics, competency, democracy, free speech, and the separation of religion and government.

Campaign Details

Campaign Donations

The donation period for the SAO Camp Quest Campership Campaign ended on November 3rd, 2019 with $615 donated towards the campaign! SAO is matching $500 of those donations, giving us a total of $1,116 to help send kids in our SAO community to Camp Quest! Thank you everyone for your support!!

Campership Application

We are currently accepting applications for Camp Quest Camperships.  The application period ends on November 23rd, 2019.

While we do not know the 2020 fee for Camp Quest yet, the 2019 fee was about $700 per child. We ask that when you fill out the application below, you indicate how much you would need in order for your child to attend Camp Quest.  The Campership is intended to make it more affordable for more campers to go to camp. That can be any amount up to the full cost of registration ($700). We can not guarantee that you will receive the full requested amount, it depends largely on how many kids apply, But we will do everything in our power to help all who want to go to Camp Quest be able to attend.

The application includes a short essay section for your child to write a little bit about themselves, why they want to attend Camp Quest, and to answer a few questions. Feel free to help them with this section if needed, but we would like the child to answer as best as they can. We want to hear what they have to say.

To apply for the Campership, click below for online application and additional details.

Campership Awards

It is SAO’s goal to help as many children in our community as we can attend Camp Quest. Funds collected during the campaign will be divided, as determined by the SAO Board of Directors, among those who have applied for the campership. Preference will go to SAO members and their families (children, siblings, grandchildren). Funds left over will then go to any non-members who have applied. Any unused funds will go towards a donation in SAO’s name to Camp Quest for their general campership awards.

Campership funds collected during this campaign and Campership winners will be announced at our upcoming annual Winter Festivus Party on December 7th, 2019. 

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