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Sunday, September 27th | 4pm | ZOOM

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No matter what the subject of the Assembly, it will feed your mind, offer community, promote kindness, and inject a touch of transcendence into the everyday.

What do we do at Assembly?

Thinking of coming to check out our monthly Assembly, but aren’t sure what to expect?

Assembly Venue

We meet in a private party room at a local restaurant in the Olympia area. The location is served by public transit and is ADA accessible. Just come in the main entrance and go straight to the event room in back, or ask any of the restaurant staff for Sunday Assembly Olympia’s room.

Assembly Format

The Assembly starts at 4:00 pm and runs until about 5:00 pm. The format centers on a 20-30 minute speaker presentation or video – sometimes informative, sometimes inspirational, sometimes both! After the speaker, we break off into small groups to discuss the topic for a few minutes. Other elements of the Assembly might include music, a topical reading, a chance for each person to share a sentence or two about what’s going on in their lives, a short personal story from a featured member, and announcements. Anyone is welcome to stand or wander as needed for personal comfort – the atmosphere is casual – come as you are!


We listen to our theme song “Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Cheers Theme Song)” at the beginning of each Assembly. There are also occasions where a music video is part of our presentation. All songs are secular, popular songs that either fit the topic of the day or just fit with our general goal of celebrating life. Singing along is welcome but entirely optional.

We’d love to incorporate more music into the Assemblies if anyone has talents or ideas to share.

Food and Drink

We have a server on hand to take other drink orders (soda, wine, beer, etc.). After the Assembly, many of us stay at the restaurant and socialize over food and drinks.


Kids are absolutely welcome at Assemblies. (And at many of our social and volunteer events, too!) At the moment, only a small handful of kids attend regularly, and our venue doesn’t offer a separate room for them to play in. We do have a dedicated Kids Table in the back corner, equipped with things for quiet play, like art supplies and books. (Feel free to bring your own quiet toys as well.) Kids are welcome to sit at the Kids Table, join their parents in the audience, or quietly wander back and forth – whatever works for you. In the future we hope to be able to expand our offerings for kids and families. If this is something you’re interested in helping with, please let us know!

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