About SAO

So What’s this all about?

Sunday Assembly is a growing network of secular communities dedicated to celebrating the one life we know we have. Our motto is “Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More.”  The very first assembly took place in 2013 in London, England. Since then, it has spread to 70+ cities across eight different countries. Sunday Assembly Olympia started in October 2015 and currently averages around 25 people at our monthly Assemblies.

Everyone is welcome at Sunday Assembly Olympia! It doesn’t matter what you believe, or don’t believe. All that matters is that you want to connect with other people and enjoy life.

Our membership spans all ages and diverse backgrounds. We are families with young kids, empty nesters, college students, retirees, and everything in between. We come from a wide range of backgrounds, but we all share a deep curiosity about life and the human experience as well as a commitment to reason and critical inquiry.

Many of us come from religious backgrounds that we’ve left behind for one reason or another, and others of us have never been religious. We’re not here to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t believe. We’re here to create a space for people who want to be part of a community that’s non-religious in nature — one that fosters human connection, inspiration, and opportunities to help together in our larger community through service projects. If this sounds like you, come join the party!

Live Better. Help Often. Wonder More.

Just by being with us you should be energized, vitalized, restored, repaired, refreshed, and recharged.

The Sunday Assembly Charter

We’re not here to tell you how to live your life—we’re here to help you be the best version of you you can be. The Sunday Assembly...

  1. Is 100% celebration of life. We are born from nothing and go to nothing. Let’s enjoy it together.
  2. Has no doctrine. We have no set texts so we can make use of wisdom from all sources.
  3. Has no deity. We don’t do supernatural but we also won’t tell you you’re wrong if you do.
  4. Is radically inclusive. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their beliefs—this is a place of love that is open and accepting.
  5. Is free to attend, not-for-profit and volunteer run. We ask for donations to cover our costs and support our community work.
  6. Has a community mission. Through our Action Heroes (you!), we will be a force for good.
  7. Is independent. We do not accept sponsorship or promote outside businesses, organisations, or services.
  8. Is here to stay. With your involvement, The Sunday Assembly will make the world a better place.
  9. Won’t tell you how to live, but will try to help you do it as well as you can.
  10. And remember point 1… The Sunday Assembly is a celebration of the one life we know we have.

Meet the SAO Board Members

  • Pat Morrison
    Pat Morrison Chair

    Pat is a native Northwesterner who lives in Centralia nowadays. He loves classical music, artsy-fartsy movies (it’s cinema!), and good cheese. You’ll find him poking through bookstores, eating pho, and thinking deep thoughts. Well, thinking anyway.

  • Kendra Albrecht
    Kendra Albrecht Treasurer

    Kendra lives in Olympia, WA with her husband, Matt, their son, Grady, and their two dogs. She works from home as a graphic designer and loves going to the movies, playing board games, and listening to all kinds of music! She enjoys meeting new people and spending time outdoors in the sunshine!

  • Peter Johansson
    Peter Johansson Secretary

    Peter’s a nurse that moved from the east coast about three years ago. He’s a fan of cheesy movies, baseball at all levels, and the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle. In ink. He lives with his goldendoodle, Hugo, who gets him. Uses he/him, they/them pronouns.

  • Laurie Thomas
    Laurie Thomas Member-At-Large

    Laurie moved to Olympia in 2015 from Alaska.  She loves the lush rain forest of the northwest and the funky arts and political scene that makes Olympia a great place to live. She brings a love of hiking, kayaking, camping and community arts with her from her home state. She joined SAO on her third day in town!

  • Jay Paulson
    Jay Paulson Member-at-large

    Jay grew up in Minnesota before Microsoft hired and relocated him to the PNW. A passionate flyfisher, he’s traveled to almost 40 countries around the world. A 30 year journey led him to throw off the bonds of religion and be open to the complete wonder around us. He believes strongly that freethinkers need a safe and supportive group.

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